Cenergy Services
is an experienced Energy Services Company (ESCO) that specializes in energy-use reduction for industrial facilities. We offer real, energy saving solutions for your plant’s heating, ventilating, cooling and lighting systems. The results are increased company cash flow and profits.


Why are We Different?

Cenergy Services is a unique ESCO focused on energy stewardship for industrial facilities. We offer unmatched experience and documented results for HVAC energy-use reduction. We understand energy savings is really a financial decision that requires professional engineering analysis and realistic solutions with short-term paybacks.

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Here’s How We Do It

A purpose driven, 4-Step Process tailored for industrial facilities including a comprehensive engineering report, implementation of recommendations and system commissioning. A primary objective is to use the savings generated from lower utility bills, reduced maintenance, improved IAQ, better employee working conditions and higher productivity to pay for the new system in just 2-3 years. After that, the profits are yours to keep.

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Feasibility Study

Doing nothing may be the biggest mistake. Unchecked high operating costs mean, “You are already paying for a more energy efficient system, but simply not getting it." Discover your plant’s profit potential from real energy reduction. It all starts with a Free Feasibility Study for companies who are qualified and committed to saving energy.

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